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What for there is need in historical science and who is in need of it

A.I. Utkin, V.F. Marukhin
80,00 Р


Presented are two reviews on monographic research of Dr.Sc. (History), professor Vladimir Borisovich Chistyakov “Historical component of higher education”, published by publishing house of Moscow State Industrial University. The research is analyzing actual problems of lecturing national history at high school. The author conceptually examines and shows peculiarities of Russian historical process, as well as describes leading factors of it’s development. Also the author gives answer to problems of actualization of humanitarian knowledge, and in detail analyzes the role of socio-humanitarian component of higher education in formation of labor potential of the country, as well as determines both essence and dynamic of the process of socialization of students, their complicated and difficult way into the future of self-realized Russia.

Key words: historical component of higher education, problems of lecturing national history, factors of historical process, humanitarian knowledge.