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About educating patriotism among modern student youth

T.N. Boyak
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UDC 171:316.35-052

DOI 10.20339/AM.10-23.049


Tatiana N. Boiak, Dr. Sci. (Sociology), Docent, Professor of Socio-cultural Activity Department at East-Siberian State Institute of Culture, Ulan-Ude city, e-mail:


The article highlights some issues connected with the content and formation of patriotism in modern student youth. The importance of the task of the patriotic education of the younger generation in the activities of all institutions of socialization is underlined. The notion ‘patriotism’ is considered on the basis of the definitions found in the scientific literature. Taking into account the results of the sociological poll of the student youth studying at the higher educational institutions of the Republic of Buryatia, conducted by the author in 2023, the characteristic of the group on the levels of valuable consciousness and behavior is given. It is pointed out that the majority of young people realize high significance of patriotism value, the necessity of its education from the childhood, consider themselves to be patriots, express indifference to the society problems, but there are several shortcomings in patriotic group culture revealing, first of all, the detached position of some young people from the society on the level of behavioral attitudes. Much work in the students’ patriotic education is specified to be done by the higher educational institutions today. The suggestions aimed at the increase of effectiveness of that work are made: formation and implementation of the well-thought-out educational system; support of the patriotic societies created today at the universities; competent application of the technology of socio-cultural projecting with the students’ involving into the process of creating and implementing projects; high quality, meaningfulness of the conducted events.

Keywords: student youth, patriotism, socialization, education, values, society.



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