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Fundaments of social pathologies in Russian sociological school at the end of the 19-20th centuries

N.V. Nyatina
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N.V. Nyatina is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), senior lecturer at Kemerovo State University



Researched is the problem of social pathologies (deviations), as well as possibilities of such overcoming. Presented is the author’s analysis of results of studying social pathologies in scientific literature. Special attention is paid to features of studying the problem of social pathologies at early stages of development of national sociology. Given is definition to correlation of normal and pathological in society. Also analyzed are fundaments of social pathologies from vision of national sociologists from the end of 19th up to the beginning of 20th centuries. Presented are the author’s recommendations as to possible ways for overcoming social deviations.

Key words: social pathology, norm, personality, requirement, social disease, deviations, social development.



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