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Post-Soviet modernization of Russia: the value of power resource (article 1)

E.A. Britikova
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E.A. Britikova is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), senior lecturer at Kuban State Agrarian University



Executed is theoretical analysis of approaches to phenomenon of modernization with reference to Russian society. Special attention is paid to “catch-up modernization”, which is inherent in non-Western developing countries, suggesting leading role of power structures. Such type of modernization is in certain dependence placed on group subject, that might affect the content of reforms, as well as their social costs. Offered is critical understanding of liberal models of modernization, which under Russian conditions can have only fragmentary sense. Necessity of obligatory accounting of Russian historical and cultural specificity when choosing a model of systemic reforms is proven.

Key words: modernization, catch-up modernization, partial modernization, power structures, political-cultural tradition, globalization, global economic system.



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