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Theoretical methodological aspects of variability in the context of post-non-classical educational paradigm

I.A. Sinitsyna
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I.A. Sinitsyna is senior lecturer at Sterlitamak branch of Bashkir State University



Presented is research work in innovative tendencies in the system of education, the center of which constitutes the task of selecting by each person’s own way, increasing diversity of life forms, and changing educational needs of the individual. The article presents theoretical and methodological pre-requisites of emergence and development of diversified education in the national pedagogy. Special attention by the author is paid to the theory of fractals, connecting synergetic paradigm with widest cultural context. According to the author, synergetic world-view provides a new approach to the problem of effective management of development of complex systems and allows to develop non-traditional approaches to complex systems as guiding points in concrete scientific researches.

Key words: post-non-classical paradigm, synergetic, theory of fractals, concept of evolution of diversity, human centrism, variability, variative education, culture of dignity.



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