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Psychological symbolism of color and projection of cloth

V.I. Kapran, O.V. Kapran
80,00 Р


V.I. Kapran is Сand. of science (Psychology), senior researcher at Lomonosov Moscow State University; and O.V. Kapran is Senior lecturer at Sumy State Pedagogical University n.a. A.S. Makarenko.


Analyzed is the problem psychology of symbolism and it’s realization in the process of closing design. Special attention is paid to symbolism of color as one of basic components of psychology of symbolism. Color as symbol presents itself as both psychological reaction of organism and psychological mood. Symbolism of color harmonizes acceptable external world and inner visionary world, not always recognized world. Multi-layer of symbol color structure is demonstrated itself in specific character of closing design and it’s effect on consumer. In art design of cloth combined are intuition and calculation, science and art, knowledge and fantasy of designer. Pre-project analysis is preceding the process of modern costume creation, i.e. comparing of functional data of thing with symbolic imagination of designing subject. Herewith, color psychological symbolism represents itself as the base of color decision.

Key words: color sense perception, psychological color symbolism, clothing design.



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