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Aesthetic as universal form of attitude of person to art and real world

O.W. Goloshchapova
80,00 Р


O.V. Goloshchapova is Lecturer at Institute at Additional education of Altai State Institute of Culture, Barnaul e-mail:


Elaborated is one of categories of aesthetic, i.e. “aesthetic beauty” as specific person’s attitude to the world, surrounding reality. Specified is it’s spiritual form, including basic components of aesthetic consciousness, i.e. aesthetic impressions and notions, aesthetic tastes and ideals, as well as aesthetic views and concepts. Shown is the role of art in development of components of aesthetic consciousness. The author considers principles of harmony in art, and comes to the conclusion that namely artistic creation, meeting principles of harmony, affects formation of spiritual qualities of person, developing aesthetic position, incl. aesthetic, special music, musical cognitive, communicative abilities. Also formulated is definition of the term “aesthetic position”, that is absent in scientific literature as separate notion.

Key words: aesthetics, aesthetic, art, aesthetic position, aesthetic consciousness, principles of harmony in art.



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