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On intellectual attractiveness of a region

A.V. Belyaev
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A.V. Belyaev is Dr.Sc. (Pedagogy), prof. at North-Caucasian Federal University



Examined is the theme of intellectual attractiveness of any of Russian regions. The author analyses the problem of retention and raising intellectual potential of a region as to it’s potential for social and economic development. Presented and substantiated are both objective and subjective criteria for evaluation of attractiveness of region, and also revealed is the meaning of the notion of idea of “intellectual attractiveness of a region”. Besides, in detail described are factors of reputation crisis of region. Also characterized is the structure of characteristics of intellectual attractiveness of region, which by the author is described, based on examples of such objective indices, as inventor activity, migration, monitoring of gifted young people, situation with attraction and realizing of of investments, presence of highly technological work sites on labor market, et so on.

Key words: intellectual potential, cadre resources, academic mobility, management, investments, techno-park.


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