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Perception of suicide in student midst

S.L. Talanov, T.G. Kiseleva
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S.L. Talanov is Cand.Sci. (Sociology); doc. e-mail:; and T.G. Kiseleva is Cand.Sci. (Psychology), doc. e-mail:

at Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University n.a. K.D. Ushinsky


Presented is analysis in perception of suicide and suicidens in student midst. With this aim, conducted was questionnaire of students, who never attempted suicide attempts, and also of students, who made unfinished attempt of suicide. During research established were gender and ethno-religious peculiarities of students’ perception of suicides and suicidents. Conclusion is made, that cleared in student midst problems of suicide behavior needs systematic prophylactic activity in the named direction. On the basis of the authors’ analysis of existing at high schools system of prophylactic of suicide behavior, proposed are recommendations for modernizing of that system.

Key words: suicide, suicidens, suicidal motives, suicidal behavior, pre-suicidal syndrome, suicidal gesture, anti-suicidal factors, pressure of success.


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