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‘New” textbook for universities

A.B. Izyumsky

Orlov A.S., Georgiev V.A., Georgieva N.G., Sivokhina T.A. History of Russia. 4th ed., reprint. and add. Moscow, 2020. 528 p.

ISBN: 978-5-392-31302-0

UDC 94(07)


A.B. Izyumsky is Cand. Sci. (History), Ass. Prof. at GBU DPO PO RIPK and PPRO, the City of Rostov-on-Don e-mail: 


Presented is the analysis of a new edition of history textbook for middle schools and universities. The author emphasizes its advantages, and presents detailed scientific analysis of its shortcomings. Conclusion is drawn on the admission of this textbook for middle schools and universities history courses.

Key words: historical literacy, educational course, educational process, textbooks for future pedagogues.