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Traditional values in the context of contemporary social reality

G.G. Sannikov
80,00 Р

G.G. Sannikov is Cand.Sci. (Рolitics), senior researcher at Kuban State Technological University e-mail:

Researched is tendency of raising the role of social ideals and values in social, cultural and educational spheres of Russia. Under conditions of economic crisis and confrontation of ideas of social development with Western ones Russia positions itself as protector and defender of traditional values. In that sphere one can see contradictive manipulation of social consciousness. The aim of the article is to define content characteristics of traditional values in the context of contemporary social practice. Conclusion of the article shows, that integration of society would be more successful under condition of formation of traditional values on the base of universal values.

Key words: traditional values, cultural policy, ideology, opposition to the West, Russian mentality, state propaganda.


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