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Phenomenon of violence in the social space context

N.L. Smakotina, N.V. Kopeykina
80,00 ₽



N.L. Smakotina,

Dr.Sci. (Sociology), prof., head of the chair

of global social processes and youth activity


N.V. Kopeykina,



Faculty of Global Studies

Lomonosov Moscow State University


Researched is the phenomenon of violence in the social space context. The article is devoted to the issue of violence and researches the conditions influencing the existence of violence in the society. The social nature of violence is analyzed, as well as the sociocultural aspects of human behavior determining the bias in the understanding of the situation’s sense and the mechanisms which form a specific reality. There is a special focus on child abuse. The article is based on research data.

Key words: social space, sociocultural aspects, non-violence, violence, aggression, defense.




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