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BRICS network university and it’s role in building new architecture of multi-lateral interaction in the field of education and science

O.A. Alekseenko
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O.A. Alekseenko is Cand.Sci. (Politics), senior lecturer at Faculty of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University e-mail:


Examined are history of creation, peculiarities and specific features of functioning of Network university of BRICS. The subject area of the study is analysis of activities of BRICS Network university under conditions of formation of polycentric system of international relations. Presented is review of activities of International governing council, national coordinating committees of BRICS Network university. Brief overview of functional of international thematic groups is given. Shown is place of universities of BRICS countries in the QS rating. The study, notes the author, shown that network interaction of BRICS countries under modern conditions is one of the most important initiatives, playing the role catalyst in the process of building qualitatively new architecture of multilateral interaction in the field of education and science.

Key words: BRICS, network university, academic rankings, globalization, science, education.