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Role of higher school in guaranteeing development of countries of world economic

Andrey V. Frolov, M.V. Lysunets
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A.V. Frolov is Dr.Sci. (Economy), doc. e-mail: ; and M.V. Lysunets is Cand.Sci. (Economy), lecturer at sub-faculty of international economics of economic faculty


Lomonosov Moscow State University


Examined is the theme of the role of universities in economic development of world countries. This theme is being more and more often discussing in publications of leading scientific journals of the world. In presented article the authors dwell upon importance of universities in modern global economic development, and also upon how governments of concrete countries stimulate innovation efforts of universities, aimed on general growth of economy on the base of fueling practical introduction of cutting-edge disruptive technologies of new generation. Described are national innovative systems, and also shown is mechanism of stimulation of higher education in innovative goals. Besides, characterized is introduction of university research works in guaranteeing of national economic growth in concrete countries.

Key words: universities research works, national economic growth, national innovation systems, stimulation of higher education in in­novative goals, world experience for Russia.




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