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Global ecological diplomacy and sustainable development

Yu.N. Sayamov
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Yu.N. Sayamov is Cand of Historical sci., prof, head of sub-faculty UNESCO at Faculty of global processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University



Traced is the way of formation of global ecological diplomacy in the context of tasks and aims of sustainable development in modern world. Described are basic components of such, and also analyzed is it’s role. Disclosed is the content of new varieties of global ecological diplomacy, i.e. diplomacy of catastrophes and diplomacy of natural calamities. In the article, noted is, that ecological diplomacy is becoming into being as variety of global diplomacy, and is being realized on several interconnected levels as many-sided and two-way diplomacy, centering attention on ecological problems. Effective instruments of ecological diplomacy on world level present themselves international conferences and other many-sides meetings and discussions.

Key words: ecology, diplomacy, sustainable development, congress of “Globalistics”.