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Reflexive transformations and how to study them. What makes a “transformation” different from a mere “change”?

J. Crowley
80,00 ₽


Dr. John Crowley,

Chief of Section for Research

Policy and Foresight in the UNESC O Division

of Social Transformations and Intercultural Dialogue



Presented is the analysis of the UNESCO intergovernmental social and human science program focusing on “Management of Social Transformations” (MOST). In that connection, firstly, given is philosophical definition of the notion of “transformation”, and show is, what makes a “transformation” different from a mere “change”. Secondly, presented is the very UNESCO program. Described is the content of the program, defined are it’s tasks and goals, and possible ways of their implementation up to UNESCO 2030 Agenda. Finally, the author states, that “MOST has many tasks, and by it’s intergovernmental nature can call, potentially, on very diverse institutional capacities”.

Key words: UNESCO, intergovernmental program, social transformations, institutional capacities.