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Bridging and mapping science and policymaking for the 2030 international development agenda. An overview of UNESCO’s Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Program

Dendev Badarch
80,00 ₽


Dendev Badarch,

Director Division

for Social Transformations and Int ercultural Dialogue

Social and Human Scienc es Sector



Analyzed is the management of social transformations (MOST) program, created for the implementation of UNESCO’s mission on intercultural dialogue states and nations. MOST regarded by the author as an intergovernmental science program, that is designed with and implemented by it’s member states, both collectively, through mechanisms adopted by intergovernmental council and implemented under supervision, and individually, through policy decisions at national and sub-national levels. The author emphasizes, that work of MOST, focusing on policy advice and capacity-building, makes a direct contribution to supporting member states in achievement of sustainable development goals up to 2030 international development agenda.

Key words: transformations, intercultural dialogue, international development agenda, values.




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