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Religious origins of university education in England and the USA

N.A. Kubanev, L.N. Nabilkina
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N.A. Kubanev is Dr. in Culturelogy, prof.; and L.N. Nabilkina is Cand. of Philology, doc., head of sub-faculty at Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod (UNN) (Arzamas Branch)



Analyzed are origins of secular education in the Great Britain and the USA. Such are rooted in ancient times, and are connected with names of famous historical persons. The authors, making excursus into history of the named countries, pay attention to the fact, that historically ideology of university education in both England and the USA is connected with religious ideas as fundament of knowledge. Conclusion is made in the article, that also nowadays British and American universities are closely connected with both religious tradition and European culture in general. Extrapolating their conclusions towards Russia, the authors also mention, that despite of the fact that religion in Russia plays insignificant role in Russian education, nowadays namely religion serves as the source of national identity, and in that connection available is necessity of steady disputing the right of Russian orthodox religion on leading place in education.

Key words: religious roots, spreading of enlightenment, educational center, European culture, patriarchal foundations, national identity.



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