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Advantages and shortcomings of History “Single text-book”

A.B. Izyumsky, I.P. Galiy 


A.B. Izyumsky is PhD (History), doc. e-mail:; and I.P. Galiy is PhD (History), methodist of sub-faculty  e-mail:

at Rostov Institute for Improvement Qualification and Professional

Further Training of Personnel of Education


Analyzed is the problem of creation of “Single text-book” on national history for profile educational program for schools. The idea of such was pronounced in December of 2013 by the president of Russia, coming into being in working by national historians conception of “Single text-book”. Nowadays by Russian historical community approved are three lines of text-books on profile school discipline, which might to appear at schools in two or three years. The authors are presenting detailed analysis of new school text-books on national history, produced by publishing houses “Prosveschtschenie”, “Drofa” and “Russkoe slovo”. New text-books are analyzed as to their fact authenticity and methodology justifiability. In detail analyzed are both positive and negative sides of such literature.

Key words: single text-book on history, educational methodical complex, historical cultural standard, fact authenticity, “difficult problems”.