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Reflex approach to the process of education

N.B. Yanovskaya
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N.B. Yanovskaya is Cand. of Technics, doc. at Siberian State Industrial University, Novokuznetsk



Examined is the theme of reflex approach to the process of didactic and developing training in education. As results of analysis of workings of both known foreign and national scientists, formulated are basic principles of didactic system of education as theoretical practical fundament of developing education in educational process. On corresponding base, given is definition of the notion of “developing education”, and also defined are both subject and tasks of corresponding direction of pedagogy. In brief, traced is history of origins and development of realizing “developing education” process. Characterized is modern state of theory and practice of developing education in Russian education. Defined are both plusses and minuses of developing education, formulated by leading representatives of national school of pedagogy. The author’s conclusion is made about principal directions and corresponding tasks of realization of reflex approach in education.

Key words: educational process, reflex approach, didactic system of education, developing education, student mindset, plusses and minuses of developing education, L.V. Zankov, D.B. El'konin, V.V. Davydov, V.P. Zinchenko.