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Some peculiar features of perception of Russian students their own success of the labor market under situation of uncertainty

V.A. Smirnov
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V.A. Smirnov is Dr.Sci. in Sociology, doc., vice-rector at Kostroma State Agricultural Academy



Presented is analysis of concrete sociological questionnaire about peculiarities of perception of high school students of own success on the labor market under conditions of social-economic uncertainty. Examined is dynamic of self-evaluation by students in the sphere of successful behavior in the labor market, based on analysis of the data of Russian longitudinal monitoring in economic situation and health of population by NIU-HSE (RLMS-HSE), conducted by National research university of Higher School of Economics and ZAO “Demoscope” with participation of the Center for Population, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Institute of Sociology of RAN. On the basis of the analysis of results of five waves of the study, from 1994 up to 2014, the author makes conclusions about changes in perceptions of students, as well as about factors, affecting their self-esteem in their own success as to labor market.

Key words: Russian students, labor market, situation of uncertainty, confident behavior.



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