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Some problems of lecturing of legal disciplines to students of pedagogical specialties

M.R. Moskalenko


M.R. Moskalenko is Ph.D., History, doc. at Ural Federal University



Examined are actual problems of lecturing of legal disciplines for university students of pedagogical specialties, in particular future teachers of law and socio-political disciplines. Identified are basic problem moments, as well as formulated are two groups of problems, reflecting contradictions in conception of development of jurisprudence and civil culture of students with defining of corresponding tasks of educational and breeding process. Described is specific of lecturing of legal disciplines, connected with peculiarities of their professional training. Also analyzed are typical situations, that beginning professional could be faced during lecturing lessons in history, social science and law, as well as in his pedagogical activity as a whole.

Key words: lecturing in legal disciplines, pedagogy, legal and civic culture of students.



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