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New personnel policy of effective contract at university of Russia

Z.A. Trifonova
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Z.A. Trifonova is PhD (Geography), doc. Chuvash State University n.a. I.N. Ulyanov



Presented is the analysis of domestic and foreign researches on the problem of using of effective contract at universities. Described is administrative problem of choosing by universities of the model of effective contract, taking into account recommended normative regulatory legislation. Made is review of domestic researches, as to effective contract. Founded is, that dominating are critical articles about transition of high schools to effective contract. The author explains this fact in transformation of key provisions of the concept of “effective contract” in normative legal acts of Ministry of education and science of the RF. Also made is comparative analysis of existing practice of translation teachers on contract system. Attention is paid to peculiarities in models of effective contract, recommended by the Ministry of education and science of the RF. Also presented is algorithm of transition of high schools to effective contract with taking into account lecturers’ differentiation.

Key words: effective contract, higher school, models of effective contract.



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