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Diplomatic Relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey (1991–2018) (In English)

B.Kh. Imamov

UDC 327(575.1+560)


B.Kh. Imamov is assistant in the Department of Social sciences at Karshi Engineering Economic Institute, Uzbekistan e-mail:


Introduction. This article analyzes the formation of Uzbek-Turkish relations, the causes of political conflicts and disagreements between the two countries, as well as the efforts to restore these relations on the basis of new evidence. It was also noted that the normative and legal documents signed in recent years during high-level state visits and official meetings of the two leaders in trade, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian spheres play an important role in expanding mutually beneficial relations. Methods and materials. The article covers the information on the meetings of the heads of the two countries at the highest level, as well as the agreements signed by the heads of the two states, the content of the agreements, as well as their role and role in the development of states. These signed legal and normative documents, in turn, serve to close and effective cooperation between the two countries in the political, economic and cultural spheres. Analysis. The article analyzes the dynamics of important state visits of Uzbekistan and Turkey by the heads of State, which serve the relations of cooperation in many spheres. The analysis on the topic was conducted in 1991-2018 with a thorough observation of the decline in some years, accompanied by a high level of dynamics of relations between the two countries. Results. The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Turkey are characterized by the following results: bilateral agreements concluded in all areas, signed agreements and agreements; joint ventures established over the past years, held exhibitions and business forums; Membership of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Council of Turkic-speaking states; The attitude of the Turkish government to the foreign policy of the head of Uzbekistan in the country; the fact that today after the Cold War in the relations of the two countries has risen to the level of a new strategic partnership will serve as another repetition of such cases in the future.

Key words: foreign policy, cooperation, response, integration, democracy, science, culture, independence, religion, security.



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