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Individual Approach in Online Learning: Problems and Prospects

E.A. Kirienkova, N.V. Kirienkova, E.V. Timofeeva

UDC 378:37.09-056.2 


E.A. Kirienkova is Assistant at Altai State Medical University е-mail:; N.V. Kirienkova is senior lecturer at Altai State Pedagogical University е-mail:; E.V. Timofeeva is Cand. Sci. (Pedagogy), Ass. Prof. at Altai State Agrarian University e-mail:



Examined is the problem of individual educational approach in online learning, presented is the description of the score-rating system. Answered is, why and how it is necessary to rebuild the educational process under conditions of Covid. Also presented are answers about the new method of working with students, what is the role of the individual educational route in the context of distance learning, how to restructure the educational process and make sure that students learn using the tools that will help them quickly acquire competencies in an online format, and about the implementation of feedback in the audience. The experience of working in the online mode in the Moodle system is described. The pros and cons of distance learning at the university are shown. A survey of students of three higher educational institutions was conducted. It is concluded that students need live communication, and distance learning is relaxing, inefficient under conditions of sometimes lack of Internet in localities.

Key words: individual educational route, online formation, online courses, remote training, “remote control” a content, COVID-19, system Moodle.



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