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Cultural approach to the analysis of principal trends in development of musical education in Ancient Russia (11-17th centuries)

T.V. Nadolinskaya
80,00 Р

UDC  37:78.03`04            


T.V. Nadolinskaya is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Taganrog Institute n.a. A.P. Chekhov (branch) of Rostov State Economic University e-mail:


Described is cultural approach to development of musical education in Ancient Russia in the context of historical stages of development of old Russian musical arts. Presented are the analysis of two principal trends in development of musical education of orthodox and folk orientation, as well as peculiarities of activity of outstanding masters of ancient Russian chant. Forms and methods of musical education in various types of educational institutions (master schools of literacy, parochial and monastic schools, religious schools, schools of master singers) are described in details. Activities of outstanding chanters, and use of singing alphabets, peculiarities of training in banner singing are also analyzed. Methodical analysis of the first musical text-book by N  Diletsky “Musiysky grammar”, it’s content and methodical techniques of which have not lost their significance also to this day.

Key words: cultural approach, stages of development of musical education, ancient Russian music, master singers, school.



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