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Citizenship and patriotism in the system of vital values of students

O.N. Shestopalova
80,00 Р


O.N. Shestopalova is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), doc. at Ural State University of Railway Transport e-mail:


Analyzed are basic constituents of patriotism, severity and manifestations of such. Data of researches among students of Ural state university of railway transport from the years of 1913 up to 2016 show significance and stability of such values, as love for motherland, mutual sympathy on the basis of citizenship and unified destiny. But despite of high meanings of the level of patriotism in students midst, the author underlines low citizen activity of the youth and formulates some recommendations for organization of breeding work in the sphere of citizen patriotic development of the young generation. Conclusion is made, that it would allow to optimize the process of formation of adequate personality, stable to contradictive information and being able to make worthy choice of behavior in complete situation, as well as having responsibility for it’s actions.

Key words: civil responsibility, morality, sense of pride, patriotism, value orientations, civic consciousness, students’ youth.



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