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On educational legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of training scientific and educational personnel in graduate school

Vasiliy S. Senashenko

UDC 378:34      


V.S. Senashenko is Dr. Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), Prof. at International Academy of Sciences of Higher School e-mail:

Examined are changes in educational legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of training of scientific and educational personnel in postgraduate studies (adjunct). It is noted that as a result of the initial transformations of the “Bologna format” in accordance with FH-273, the effectiveness of the national graduate school has significantly decreased. The impact of the new changes in the educational legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of the training of scientific and educational personnel in graduate school on the quality of postgraduate programs and the nature of postgraduate training are discussed. Corrective measures have been proposed to improve the effectiveness of postgraduate studies at both the level of educational and scientific organizations and at the state level.

Key words: postgraduate education, adjunct, scientific and scientific-educational staff, educational legislation, FGOS VO, FGT, individualization of education, state accreditation, final certification, postgraduate training, Candidate thesis, scientific degree of Candidate Science.


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