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Participation of universities in development of Russian regions as form of realization of “the third mission”

Е.В. Кудряшова, С.Э. Сорокин
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UDC 378.4: 316.4


E.V. Kudryashova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof., rector of university e-mail:; and S.E. Sorokin is Cand.Sci. (Politics), doc., vice-rector e-mail:  at Northern (Arctic) Federal University n. a. M.V. Lomonosov


Researched is the problem of participation of universities in development of regions in the context of their “third mission”, associated with participation of educational organizations in society. The authors identify the key models of relations between university and region, difficulties of entering the regional space of universities, and determine features of this process for universities with different status. Also the authors assess possibilities of providing universities with educational and social services for the local community, contribution to economic development of region, expert activities, interaction with business. As conclusion, the authors note that scientific and human resources potential of universities allows them to become a center of strategic planning for development of regions, expert platform for development of key activities in sectors of economy and social sphere, specific management decisions.

Key words: university, “third mission”, region, regional development, education, federal university, supporting university.



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