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Folklore music in the context of contemporary scientific knowledge: to the problem of reconstruction. On materials of song ceremonial folklore of Vyezzhee village of Ivnya district of Belgorod region

M.S. Zhirov, S.P. Konovalenko, O.Ya. Zhirova
80,00 Р


M.S. Zhirov is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail:;

S.P. Konovalenko is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail:; and

O.Ya. Zhirova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., head of sub-faculty  e-mail:

at Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture


Analyzed are methods of reconstruction of music and ritual folklore as system of actions and techniques, aimed at recreating it’s samples, close to true performance on example of folk song tradition of the village of Vyezheye of Ivnyansky district of Belgorod region as one of original local “hearths” of song style of Belgorod–Kursk settlement. Presented is variety of local song and dance formation, and also identified are principal forms of existence of round dancing and tanks dancing songs. Special attention is paid to calendar songs, related to choreographic lexicology. Analytic synthesis of musical folklore material allows to claim style unity of choir songs, inextricably associated with movement and dancing.

Key words: method of reconstruction, local singing tradition, calendar and wedding songs, folk choreographic vocabulary.



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