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The doctrine of F. Bacon on idols: on the way to ideal of objective knowledge

E.A. Vorontsov
80,00 Р


E.A. Vorontsov is Cand. of Philosophical sci., doc. at Moscow State Humanitarian Economic University



Presented is historical philosophical analysis of the doctrine of F. Bacon on idols. The named doctrine constitutes one of cornerstones of established by him methodology of scientific cognition about way to the ideal of objective knowledge. With using of extensive factual material, the article analyzes origins and content of concept of idols, realization of which, according to Bacon, was intended to ensure objectivity of scientific exploration of reality. Special attention the article is paid to relationship between four species of idols, their place in the overall ideological universe of philosophy of F. Bacon. Materials of the article shed light on sharply debating in our days the problem of descarcation of scientific and non-scientific cognitive practices. Conclusion is made about application of F. Bacon’s ideas to modern scientific researches.

Key words: philosophy of New time, empiricism, rationalism, history and philosophy of science, truth and opinion.



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