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University education models as a leadership factor: The example of a Research University model

S.V. Kostyukevich
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UDC 378   


Svetlana V. Kostyukevich, Cand. Sci. (Sociology), Leading Researcher at National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus, Minsk, e-mail:


The article defines the concept of “Leadership university education model”. Taking the research model of university education as an example, the article explains how the leadership research model has arisen and why this model is a leadership model. It is explained why there is no understanding of the importance of university leadership models in the former Soviet countries (Russia and Belarus). The conclusion is made about the predominance of an eclectic mixture of liberal, research and professionally oriented models of university education in modern university education.

Key words: liberal model of university education, research model of university education, professionally oriented model of university education, leadership university model, institution of education as a factor of leadership.



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