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Core qualities of ideals of culture and education: relationship and interdependence

V.I. Zhukovsky, A.V. Kistova
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V.I. Zhukovsky is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof.; and A.V. Kistova is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Siberian Federal University e-mail:


Examined are problems of interaction of ideals of culture and education. Culture is being defined as ideal forming side of human life. Revealed is character of education as a result of holistic way, retaining essential qualities of human being and the world in their interaction. Argued is, that in modern educational practice there is the ideal, i.e. model, on which the whole educational process is being oriented. Shown are characteristics of educational ideal, and also formulated is model, as to which culture includes education as a part of it’s essence. The authors come to the conclusion, that overall core quality of mediation allows ideals of education to be part of ideals of culture, and ideals of culture possess educational qualities. Ability of the ideal of culture to transform itself into educational ideal allows it to become a kind of compass in person’s life.

Key words: ideal, education, culture, mediator, sample, dialogue, process, pedagogue.



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