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Students’ competitions as means of forming psychological readiness for creative activity under conditions of competitive struggle

A.I. Popov, N.P. Puchkov
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A.I. Popov is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., head of department e-mail:; and N.P. Puchkov is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty e-mail:

at Tambov State Technical University


Determined are conditions of development of instrumental pedagogical means of improving quality of training graduates of high school for creative activity under conditions of realization of innovative doctrines and increasing competition. The authors analyzed the process of formation of psychological qualities of personality during becoming educated and identified problematic aspects of realization of competence approach as to formation of interdisciplinary competences. Investigated is structural composition of psychological readiness for creative activity, and considered are conceptual approaches to it’s formation. Identified are key features of the process of formation of readiness for creative professional activity. Also proposed is to maximize the potential of Olympiad movement of students to form generic competences. And technology of inclusion of Olympiad movement into educational process at high school is also elaborated.

Key words: higher education, competence approach, psychological readiness for activity, creative professional activity, Olympiad movement.




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