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Role and goals of pedagogy in the context of modernization of higher medical education

I.P. Artyukhov, S.Yu. Nicoulina, E.A. Avdeeva, O.A. Gavrilyuk, Е.Г. Мягкова
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I.P. Artyukhov is Dr.Sci. (Medicine), prof., rector of university, head of sub-faculty e-mail:

 S.Yu. Nikulina is Dr.Sci. (Medicine), prof., vice-rector, head of sub-faculty e-mail:

E.A. Avdeeva is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., head of sub-faculty


O.A. Gavrilyuk is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc., head of sub-faculty e-mail:

E.G. Myagkova is doc. of sub-faculty and head of education and methodology department e-mail:

at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University n.a. prof. V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky


Presented is analysis of the role and tasks of pedagogy in the context of modernization of higher medical education. Described is the authors’ model of institutional changes in higher medical education, elaborated on concrete material of Krasnoyarsk state medical university. Defined are principal directions in activity of higher educational institution under conditions of modernization of medical education. Вased on analysis of works of national doctors, pedagogues and scientists in dialogue with foreign experience, characterized is particular role of pedagogy in higher medical education. Also presented is detailed description of content of activity of scientific educational centre “Pedagogy”, formed at Krasnoyarsk state medical university with the aim of qualitative modernization of educational breeding process.

Key words: medicine, pedagogy, medical university, modernisation, scientific educational centre “Pedagogy”, innovative development, pedagogical activity of medical practitioner.



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