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Peculiarities of economical socialization of university students

S.L. Talanov, V.N. Kudashov
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S.L. Talanov is Ph.D. (social studies), doc.


V.N. Kudashov is External Post-graduate student


Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinky


Examined are peculiarities of economic socialization of students’ youth. Conducted was questionnaire of students and positional experts. Problems in obtaining necessary knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship by students were discovered. The research is demonstrated, that significant number of students suffer from limited primary economic socialization, and thus the system of higher professional education should compensate indirect and limited character of primary economic socialization. Also proven is the hypothesis, that higher education institutions during training of students little by little are moving from the position of paternalistic positions to the model of investing in human capital. Proposed are some concrete measures, aimed at forming economically significant qualities of personality.

Key words: economical socialization, economical roles, economical behavior, economical consciousness, economical identity, economical directivity.



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