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Universal principle of inter-disciplinary: onto-gnosiology foundations

S.P. Pozdneva
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S.P. Pozdneva is Dr. Sci. in Philosophy, prof. at

National Research Saratov State University



Presented is analysis of the notion of “universal principle of inter-disciplinary in scientific cognition”. The author discusses following aspects of inter-disciplinary: definition of inter-disciplinary science concepts, criteria for differentiation of philosophical concepts from concepts of private science and universal scientific concepts, inter-disciplinary concepts as auxiliary “arsenal” of philosophical concepts, formation of inter-disciplinary science vocabulary and system of scientific concepts. The author is one of the first to conduct research on scientific concepts. Therefore, this article has undoubted originality. The study used historical, systemic-structural and dialectical methods. The main conclusion of the study is, that there is need to further expansion of research on inter-disciplinary concepts as auxiliary “reserve” of new philosophical categories.

Key words: categorical apparatus of science and philosophy, categories, inter-disciplinary concepts, system of inter-disciplinary concepts, dialectic.



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