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Practice and theory of machiavellizm. Analyzing Machiavelli’s work “The Prince”

E.A. Vorontsov
80,00 ₽

E.A. Vorontsov is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), head of sub-faculty at Moscow State Humanitarian Economical University e-mail:


Presented is historical and philosophical analysis of political doctrine of N. Machiavelli, set forth in his best-known work “The Prince”. Considering recommendations of Machiavelli as to maintaining of power, the author comes to the conclusion, that those implementations involves rejection of common in the time of Machiavelli the Christian-idealistic reading of being reality. The basis of outlook of Machiavelli is in the idea of irrational fate and pessimistic view on essence and being of the person. The work pays special attention to the place of Machiavelli’s views on the history of political doctrines. The author states, that traditional interpretation of Machiavelli as the founder of political science of the Modern times is in need of a number of valuable refinements.

Key words: Renaissance, power, state, law, morality, fate, human, Aristotle, Thomas, Locke.


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