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Value orientations of modern youth

T.G. Kiseleva
80,00 Р

T.G. Kiseleva is Cand.Sci. (Psychology), doc. at Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University n.a. K.D. Ushinsky e-mail:


Discussed are issues, concerning motivation of different types of volunteer activities, and compared are conditions of moral and material incentives for stimulation of  volunteers. The author presents results of experimental research of adolescents and youth on satisfaction level of participation in volunteer activities. Also relations between the level of satisfaction with the content of the activity and the desire to continue similar work are shown. In addition, the author examines the gender characteristics of participants in volunteer activities. The authors tried to objectively analyze both positive and negative aspects of participation in volunteer activities. Comparison of value orientations and life aspects of youth, allows to managers of volunteer groups, teachers in schools and further education institutions, as well as professionals in field of youth policy more effectively involve adolescents in these areas of socially approved activities.

Key words: youth, volunteers, motivation for volunteer activity, diagnostics of satisfaction from participation in volunteer activities.


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