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Diagnostic of orientation of future pedagogues towards harmonious interaction in the educational organization

D.V. Kusina, V.V. Ignatova
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D.V. Kuzina is post-graduate student; and V.V. Ignatova is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty, both at Siberian State Aerospace University n.a. M.F. Reshetnev e-mail:


Analyzed is the theme of contact work at educational institutions as one of forms of pedagogical interaction. The authors update the content of concepts of «contact work» and «harmonious interaction in educational organization». Described is diagnostic instrument for studying the level of formation of orientation of future pedagogues on harmonious interaction in educational institution. Also presented are results of approbation of that instrument on pedagogical college students. Conclusion is made, that presented in the article assessment and diagnostic instruments is indicative for studying and evaluation of manifestations of orientation of student as future pedagogue towards harmonious interaction in educational institution. Presented materials could be used in building strategy for development of cadre potential at educational institution.

Key words: diagnostic of orientation of future pedagogues, contact work, harmonious interaction, educational institution.



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