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Problems of migration and religious identity in discourse of global media

A.B. Bushev
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A.B. Bouchev is D. Sc. in Philology, prof. at Tver State University



Examined are basic problems, connected with steady developing process of migration and religious identification, as such are being mirrored by global mass-media. Using method of discourse analysis, the author analyses the phenomena of forming just before our eyes migraton crisis, i.e. serious social and political transformations, occurring in the world in the year of 2015. Concretely, defined are subject, material and method of analyzed problem. Singled out are tipical features of the process of migration simulteously developing features of the process of religious self-determination of migrants, with discourse in what, states the author, is in particular closely linked also discourse in terrorism. Given is substantiation of the notion of “Euoropean inentity”. In connection with that, analized are two basic problems, i.e., firstly, the role of language of mass-media for stigmation of migrants, secondly, the role of mass-media in formation the picture of migration.

Key words: mass media, discourse, political discourse, axiology, interpretation, discourse analusis, migration crisis.



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