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Technologies for counteraction to youth extremism under conditions of globalization

V.Yu. Belsky


V.Yu. Belsky is D. Sc. in Philosophy, prof., head of sub-faculty at Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal affairs of Russia named after V.Ya. Kikot



Analyzed is the problem of extremism as social phenomenon, existing in two hypostasis, i.e. as ideology and as form of political behavior. Given is integral definition of the notion of “extremism”. Revealed are factors of genesis of extremism as a whole and extremism in youth midst in particular with showing their evolution. The author notes, that factors of genesis of extremism are both dysfunctions of social institutions and underdevelopment of civil society. Also presented are technologies for counteraction to youth extremism under conditions of globalization of political processes. In connection with that conclusion is made, that under conditions of globalization of political processes the role of political technologies increase, the use of which could result in reducing of social risks and increasing of stability of social systems.

Key words: extremism, youth, civil society, dysfunction of social institution, socialization, globalization, political technology.



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