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Extremism: risks for security of personality

O.A. Alekseenko, A.M. Polozova
80,00 Р


O.A. Alekseenko is lecturer


A.M. Polozova is post-graduate student


Faculty of Global Processes of Lomonosov Moscow State University


Analyzed are both peculiarities and specific of security of personality under conditions of global space fragmegration. Subject sphere of the research is analysis of extremism with it’s impact on living conditions of personality and social groups. Carried out is analysis of such effects of fragmegration, as unstable forms of social relations, contradictions between interests / needs of individuals / social groups. Presented is brief review of preventive strategies of countering extremism. Also analyzed is manipulative function of mass media. The research showed, that extremism is not a local problem. In modern world the individual does not act as product of unconscious influence of external factors, but his preferences and choices are combination of external environment and individual orientations. Besides, extremism demonstrates itself as one of products of fragmegration process, posing threat to it’s distribution at global level.

Key words: extremism, security, social risks, social tension, fragmegration, globalization.


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