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Military philosophical analysis of the problem of modern civilization

B.L. Belyakov


B.L. Belyakov is D. Sc. in Philosophy, prof. at Military Academy of Rocket Strategic Forces



From positions of military philosophical analysis, examined are global threats to development of modern civilization. In particular, analyzed are processes in potential threaten existence of mankind. Compared are approaches to understanding of essence of contemporary global civilization, as well as presented are predictive models of human development. Shown is steady increase in violence in the world at all levels, from interpersonal to inter-civilizational. In this regard, evaluation as to acute international conflicts is made, especially in the Middle East and in the Ukraine, threatening to be escalating into global confrontation. Also proposed is the idea of recognizing the priority of struggle for preservation of peace and international cooperation as the security of future existence and development of humanity.

Key words: world, people, civilization, globalization, humanism, war, defending of peace.



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