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Truth in mathematical knowledge as a value of humanitarian education

V.A. Meider, D.N. Bukin
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Vyacheslav A. Meider, Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Professor, Volzsky. Volzsky branch of Volgograd State University, Volzhsky City, e-mail:

Dmitry N. Bukin*, Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Docent, Associate Professor, Volzsky branch of Volgograd State University, Volzhsky City, e-mail:


An attempt is made to express the significant goal of mathematical cognition and knowledge, which consists not only in acquiring knowledge about science, but also in developing thinking, worldview, aesthetic sense, philosophical, moral and humanistic ideals of students. Mathematics is presented as a value, a universal human culture and the culture of a single person. It is proved that the question of the truth of mathematical knowledge is related to the subject of mathematics, its methods of proof, and the conceptual apparatus. The approach to the content of mathematical education is determined from the standpoint of two levels: at the level of all mankind as part of culture and at the level of personal development. An idea is given about the main philosophical and mathematical directions in the foundations of mathematics, in the search for truth in its foundations.

Keywords: mathematics, value, truth, consistency, philosophy, proof, humanitarian education, mathematical problems



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