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Students’ attitudes in pedagogical universities towards the future profession of a teacher

F.Yu. Kushnarev
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F.Yu. Kushnarev, Cand. Sci. (Politics), Assistant Professor, Department of Social Policy, Yaroslavl State University named after P.G. Demidov,

The article deals with the attitude of students from leading pedagogical universities in the country towards the future teaching profession. To conduct the research, the author conducted a survey of fourth-year students from several pedagogical universities at the beginning of 2024. Interviews were also conducted with individual students and experts. It was found that the attention given to the teaching profession by the Government of the Russian Federation during the Year of the Teacher and Mentor in 2023 contributed to an increase in its prestige and attractiveness. The number of events held has already led to an increase in the number of people interested in entering pedagogical universities, and this trend is expected to continue throughout 2024. In addition, an increase in the number of university graduates who want to work in schools is expected. It has been found that about one third of students choose a pedagogical university because they have a relative who works or has worked as a teacher in a school. The study showed that students of pedagogical universities expect to receive a higher salary after graduation depending on the level of infrastructure development in the city where the university is located. It has been determined that the main advantages of the teaching profession from the students’ point of view are the ability to make a difference and the significance of the work, as well as to helping people. Also identified are the drawbacks that students attribute to this profession: low salary, large number of unnecessary reports, vulnerability to attacks from students and parents. It has been proven that events dedicated to the Year of the teacher and mentor, which were held in their own university, had a greater impact on students' decision to work in schools after completing their studies, compared to events held in other universities and cities. Personal participation in these events also has a stronger impact on changing attitudes towards the teaching profession than events in which students do not participate. When making a decision about employment at a school, girls are more likely to focus on factors such as prestige and status, while boys are more interested in career growth and salary level. In conclusion, the article suggests implementing initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining young teachers in schools.

Keywords and phrases: professional self-determination, professional readiness, university, prestige of profession, rational choice, irrational factors, Year of teacher and mentor



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