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Improving the system of additional professional education for teachers-choreographers

В.А. Шерегова, А.И. Постельняк, С.В. Медведева, А.С. Медведев
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UDC 37.09-057.8:793.3           


V.A. Sheregova is Prof., Head of Department of Sports and Modern Dance, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Honored Coach of the Russian Federation e-mail:; A.I. Postelnyak is teacher of Department of Sports and Variety Dancing, Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation; S.V. Medvedeva is teacher of Department of Sports and Variety Dancing e-mail:; and A.S. Medvedev is teacher of Department of Sports and Variety Dancing, Master of Sports, World Champion. All at Tyumen State Institute of Culture


Examined is specifics of professional activities of teachers choreographers under modern conditions. The increasing requirements for the competence of specialists are noted in connection with the increasingly complex conditions of their professional activities. The need to improve the system of training and advanced training is being actualized, taking into account the specifics of the problems they have to face. The results of a survey of coaches and judges of the regional sports Federation of dance sports of the Tyumen region are presented. Various aspects that characterize the problem field of the modern system of ballroom dancing have been studied. The assessment of the content characteristics of refresher courses that the respondents periodically take. The gaps in the system of professional development of teachers-choreographers that need to be eliminated are shown. A concept is proposed that can form the basis of additional education programs for ballroom dance teachers. The concept is based on a differentiated approach and includes four main stages. The result of professional development of specialists should be the implementation of the following main functions of the system of additional education: restorative, compensatory, innovative, corrective, the function of forming creative activity.

Key words: teacher-choreographer, professional development, additional professional education, differentiated approach, questionnaire survey, professional competence, creative activity.



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