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As stormed heaven (on the 100th anniversary of workers’ faculties)

E.E. Platova
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UDC 378.096: 94


E.E. Platova is Dr.Sci. (History), prof. at Petersburg State University of means of communication of Emperor Alexander I e-mail:


Made is attempt of analytical interpretation from modern positions of history of workers’ faculties as organizational pedagogical innovation of the Soviet period. The article shows, that through training workers and peasants at workers’ faculties successful was “proletarianization” of composition of students only in industrial and technical universities. Noted is, that by all successes of workers’ faculties in training cadres of specialists, there aren’t any reasons for exaggeration of their historical role in development of higher education. Moreover, from the mid of 1930th replenishment of higher school was being fulfilled at the expense of secondary school graduates. Thus, workers’ faculties epoch has become history heritage.

Key words: workers’ faculties, national commissariat for education, worker-peasant youth, higher education, intellectuals.



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