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Peculiarities of perception of the system of additional vocational education in Russia: key characteristics and problems

V.A. Smirnov
80,00 Р

V.A. Smirnov is Dr.Sci. (Sociology), doc., vice-rector at Kostroma State University e-mail:


Analyzed are features of perception of the system of additional vocational education in Russia. Based on respondents’ answers, shown are demand for the system of additional education, orientation of consumers of this service on various formats of development of their own professional competencies. Principal factors, influencing the choice of supplementary education programs are highlighted. Substantiated is the conclusion, that in Russia at the moment there has not been formed systematic request from consumers for development of innovative and modern programs of additional professional education, capable to become an institution for development of professional and personal competencies. Proceed from this, conclusion is made, that such situation hinders the process of development of the system of additional vocational professional education in the RF.

Key words: additional vocational professional education, lifelong learning, professional competences, personal competences.