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Development of media criticism in Great Britain at early 20th century

A.A. Levitskaya
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A.A. Levitskaya is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Taganrog Management and Economics Institute e-mail:


Revealed is specific of modern state of media criticism in Great Britain. Media criticism is defined as journalism field, implementing critical inquiry and evaluation of media texts of various types. The article provides examples of some of the most influential British organizations, that monitor, analyze and criticize mass media, and also certain patterns are distinguished, which allow to draw parallels with Russian academic and corporate media criticism. The author highlights some of important personalities in media criticism sphere. Having analyzed discussion of British media critics, published in “Guardian”, relations between professional and amateur criticism are pointed out. In conclusion the author infers great potential of mutually enriching synthesis of media criticism and media literacy education.

Key words: media criticism, media education, Great Britain, mass media, journalism.



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